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St. Louis Band Of The Month - MAY 1999

Jimmy Lee & The 180

If you like classic rock, and blues, then the band to hear is “Jimmy Lee and The 180”. Formally “Jimmy Lee and The Joint Jumpers”. The band members include Jimmy Lee - lead guitar, Cornell Richards - Bass guitar, and Mike Safron-drummer, formally orginator of the band “ Pavalos Dog”. The band does songs by Elvis, Robin Trower, ZZ Top,The Doors, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Johney Winters, Johney Cash,Janis Joplin, and others. Other musicans and singers including Harry Simon - Sax Player, and vocalists : Stacey Johnson (with “Soul Reunion”), and Donald Demsko, who sit in from time to time. The band plays at “The 1860 Hardshell Cafe every Sunday and Monday as well as other various venues through the week. The band has opened for “Robin Trower” and has played in the “Duck Room”at “Blue Berry Hill” with “Chuck Berry”, a St. Louis Native.